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Transform your Clinical Ideas into Real Products on the Table.

Intellectual Property & Regulatory Strategy

For researchers and clinicians, the lack of information and guidance on patent prosecution and regulatory compliance usually makes inventors feel missed and hesitated. With experienced patent attorneys and regulatory experts inside the team, we would ease your concerns with customized strategies for your ideas.

Commercialization & Manufacture Assistance

Products can’t be built with paper works only, there are many hands-on items to be accomplished. To make it a real product, prototyping and manufacturing optimization are necessary. To delivery the product to the hospitals, well-structured publication, sales, marketing and reimbursement strategies are crucial. We could help devise the right way to go with your team together.

Financing Advise

Fueling the projects with adequate resources is critical for product development. Research grant is a good common way for inventors to go with, but in many cases, we really need significant investment to accelerate the development process. We can help in advising/ seeking on venture funding, licensing and acquisition deals upon the feasibility of the projects and the request from the inventors.

I published several journal articles for my catheter-based solution, but it remained papers only until I met the KT Med team. They helped us strengthen the patent portfolio, find the right production partner in Asia, and complete our Series A funding from strategic investors. Really can’t wait to see what else we can make together in the near future!

Dr. Renzo

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